Principal's Message

We’re polishing stars at Allen School!
-From Allen School Song-

Welcome to Decima M. Allen School, known affectionately to all who know us simply as Allen School. We are so glad you are visiting our web site, and we hope it will help you get to know our school.

With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, dedicated teachers, and a rich tapestry of cultures representative of our community, Allen School is a wonderful place to teach and to learn.

Allen School is committed to academic excellence. Together with our families and the community, the staff and students of Allen work toward clearly focused educational, personal, and social goals. Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in the school. When parents attend school functions, they demonstrate to their children that they value school and education. Attending events such as Back-to-School Night, Open House, Math Nights, parent/teacher conferences, serving on committees such as the School Site Council and the English Language Advisory Committee, and coming to PTA meetings are all important ways that parents learn about what’s going on at school.

Volunteering sets an important example for children about shared responsibility. There are innumerable opportunities to volunteer, whether it is in the classroom, participating in PTA activities, chaperoning field trips, serving as a room parent, serving on a committee, or assisting with clerical tasks. Parents learn about these opportunities through classroom newsletters, the school Newsletter, and through the many PTA flyers and notices that are sent home, or simply by calling the school office and inquiring.

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) works tirelessly to support our school in countless ways, including financial support through fundraising, providing enrichment activities such as regular assemblies and field trip opportunities, sponsoring community events like the annual Book Fair and International Day, and volunteering.

Parents are informed about school policies, procedures, academics, and events through a variety of channels. The Back-to-School packet which goes home with the students on the first day of school contains information about school and district rules and procedures, behavior expectations, the school calendar, and other essential information, as well as the PTA packet. The PTA packet includes volunteer information and sign-up forms. During the year parents stay informed through classroom notices, the Principal’s Newsletter, announcements on our local cable TV channel, our district web site, and the web-based Parent Portal on Illuminate.

How to get involved in your child’s education at Allen
1. Fill out the PTA volunteer forms. Forms are available in the school office.
2. Ask your child questions about what he/she learned in school that day. (“What did you learn in math today?” or “What stories are you reading in school?”)
3. Read to your child every day.
4. Check your child’s backpack daily for letters or flyers about upcoming events.
5. Call the school or email the principal or teacher if you have any questions or concerns.
6. Sign up to help at a class event like parties or field trips.
7. Attend PTA general meetings to learn about school events.
8. Assist your child with homework assignments by creating a quiet environment to work.

Please come by and see our school for yourself!

Mrs. Cosgriff