Vision Statement

All students of Belle Air School, with the support of the school community, will learn to be reflective, creative thinkers. They will collaborate with others and learn effective communication skills.

Mission Statement

We encourage students to be self-directed, enthusiastic, respectful, and responsible individuals who are intelligent innovators that become productive members of society.


Creepy Clown

Dear SBPSD families,
You may have heard about the “Creepy Clown” issue going viral across the United States. In talking with the San Bruno Police Department, I want to let you know that San Bruno has not received any emails or communications regarding the creepy clowns to date. However, because students are seeing messages and information regarding this, our police department will make sure they are visible throughout our school neighborhoods. We have no reason to believe there will be a problem, but we will communicate closely with the San Bruno Police Department to keep a close eye on our schools and children.
Thank you so much. Student safety is our priority. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at 650 624-3110.

Cheryl Olson

Familias SBPSD Queridos,

Usted puede haber oído sobre el tema Payaso Gangster o “Creepy Clown” ir viral a través de Estados Unidos. Al hablar con el Departamento de Policía de San Bruno, quiero hacerle saber que San Bruno no ha recibido ningún correo electrónico o las comunicaciones relativas a los payasos espeluznantes hasta la fecha. Sin embargo, porque los estudiantes están viendo mensajes e información con respecto a este, nuestro departamento de policía se asegurará de que sean visibles a través de nuestros barrios escolares. No tenemos ninguna razón para creer que habrá un problema, pero vamos a comunicar estrechamente con el Departamento de Policía de San Bruno para mantener una estrecha vigilancia sobre nuestras escuelas y niños.

Muchas gracias. La seguridad del estudiante es nuestra prioridad. Si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor no dude en comunicarse conmigo al 650 624-3110.


Cheryl Olson



SFO sponsored Mural project at Belle Air



Wellness Education Program

Peninsula Health Care District values the health and well being of all children and families in our district which means you! . They are planning to start a series of free wellness education classes for parents and caregivers of K-8 children in northern San Mateo County. Topics may include health, nutrition, physical activity and general wellness. In order to help frame the classes to fit your needs they would like your input by answering the attached survey. Paper copies will also be available at your schools soon.

English Survey

Spanish Survey


Health Center


Alternative Governance


Year 4 - District School Liaison Team Activity



Reading Counts Books