Curriculum > Textbook Adoption

The California State Textbook adoption cycle for curricular materials has been followed as well as the William’s Settlement to provide textbooks and adequate materials for every child. The Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services, Curriculum Council and volunteer piloting teachers oversee the selection process. Following the state guidelines, new History Social Science textbooks were adopted for 06-07, new Science textbooks and materials were adopted for 07-08 and new Mathematics instructional materials were adopted for 08-09. English Language Arts instructional materials will be the next scheduled adoption.

A state grant for Visual and Performing Arts launched a standards based art program during the 07-08 school year. A donation from the San Bruno Education Foundation has supported the purchase of art materials. A standards based music program has been added to the curriculum for the 08-09 school year. A Theatre Arts program is being explored for use during the 09-10 school year.

A standards based physical education program is provided by classroom teachers and Rhythm and Moves to fulfill the 200 minutes of required instruction every ten days for K-6 students. A State physical education grant, PTA donations, and categorical funding help to support this program. Seventh and eighth grade students receive the required 400 minutes every ten days.

Health instruction follows the guidelines of the district’s wellness policy by assisting students to maintain healthy bodies and practice positive personal health habits. A grant from the County and the Dairy Council helps to support this program with materials and curriculum.

Integration of curriculum and technology provides instruction and tools for students to be successful in an ever changing world. Grants and donations help to support this endeavor.