Curriculum & Instruction

The San Bruno Park School District provides an excellent educational program in an academic setting that addresses the individual needs of all students in a secure and caring environment.

The instructional program is designed to build a foundation of academic excellence and to appreciate the value of others.  Education of the whole person is valued and includes the development of physical, social and intellectual skills. 

Instruction follows the California State standards in each curricular area. A pamphlet for each grade level called, Course of Study, is distributed and reviewed by teachers at Back to School night.  Standards-based reports of progress are provided to parents every twelve weeks.

Eureka Math Implementation

This year as we continue to implement the CCSS for Mathematics on a comprehensive scale we are piloting the “Eureka Math” curriculum in all of our schools. This curriculum, which is aligned with the CCSS, focuses on fluency, application, and concept development. We know that parents are an instrumental part in supporting their children’s mathematical development. The following resources are available for you to use as a guide throughout the adoption of this new curriculum.

Please note that “Eureka Math” was contracted to create the “EngageNY” curriculum and so these materials are collaborative. Your support allows us to reach “Excellence Together.”

Course of Study Brochures

Character Education

Character Education lays a solid foundation for character development, respect for others and good citizenship.  Site specific character building programs are facilitated throughout the district.  Programs such as “School Families”, “Don’t Laugh at Me”, “Soul Shoppe”, and “Character Education” have been implemented at each school.