School Site Council

The School Site Council is an avenue open to parents for voicing interests and concerns in the school system. By working directly with the principal, teachers, and staff, SSC members participate in establishing priorities, planning the educational program, defining goals, and evaluating the academic effectiveness of the school. Members also act as facilitators of communication among the school, parents, and the community.

Administration: Ms. Kerry Dees


Chairperson Parent: Shelia Dudum

Vice Chairperson Parent: Vacant

Parlimentarian Teacher: Jed Burnham

Teacher: Jill McCracken

Teacher: Erik Neumann

Teacher: Brent Rotenzier

Parent: Jill Engel

Parent: Jennifer Jwenait

Parent: Teri Chavez



Meeting Dates

3:15 - 4:15

Sept, 26th

Oct, 24th

Nov 28th

Jan, 30th

Feb 27th

Mar, 27th

April 24th

May 22nd