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  • August 23rd - First day of School

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Understanding the CAASPP report

Water Testing

All of the water fountains have been tested for lead content throughout San Bruno Park School District. This had occurred early last year. Based on the consultants recommendations, fountains or pipes were replaced where needed. There were only two fountains that continued to have issues, which are at the Portola Elementary School site. The District has been working with Air & Water Sciences Environmental Consultants to resolve this issue. Currently, those fountains are not in use. Bottled water is being provided. A plan is in place to do repairs during the winter break. The link to review the final report from the consultant on the entire process done at the Portola Elementary School site is here. Additional Water Sampling

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Welcome to Portola

Portola Elementary School is a K-5 school in San Bruno, in the San Bruno Park School District. Portola is proud of its high academic achievement, diverse student body, and dedicated and engaged faculty and staff. Portola’s nurturing and academically challenging environment is the result of an active and supportive family community working in concert with experienced teachers and staff.

In 2014, for the second time, Portola was awarded the designation of California Distinguished School. This designation is well deserved. With the support of a strong PTA, Portola was able to address the needs of its students and offer tutoring programs and classroom assistants. These measures, coupled with the hard work of the teaching staff, resulted in an impressive 2013 API score of 929, an all-time high for the school and for the City of San Bruno.

Portola Traditions

Portola is a school with many traditions. In addition to family night dinners and class sales throughout the year, Portola has several annual events that the students have come to love. In the fall, students participate in an annual school-wide hike to the top of Sweeney Ridge where Gaspar de Portola – for whom the school is named – discovered the San Francisco Bay in 1769. In 2010, the hike this event was renamed in honor of Michael Casey, a beloved Portola teacher who spearheaded the school’s first Sweeney Ridge Hike in 1984 and continues to lead the hike even after his retirement several years ago.

In December, the students build gingerbread houses; in March, the students celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with a school-wide morning reading program; each spring the school holds a family potluck, where the entire Portola community comes together for an evening a food and fellowship; and at the end of the school year, we gather at the San Bruno City Park for a day of field games and a BBQ lunch. These are just a few of our many traditions.