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Parent Involvement at School | How to get involved in your child's education

Parent Involvement at Rollingwood School

Rollingwood School is committed to academic excellence with the help and support of the parents and community. The Parent Teacher Association works with the teachers and staff to develop academically, socially, and emotionally enriching activities during and after school. This is evidenced by the response to school events like the Carnival, Founder’s Day, Walkathon, Posey Parade, Spaghetti Dinner, and Pancake Breakfast to name a few.

Parents are informed of school policies, procedures, academics, and events through various mediums. The San Bruno Park School District has monthly School Board Meetings that are often filmed live to be broadcast on the local cable station. Every week, parents receive a Principal’s Newsletter from Rollingwood announcing all types of activities and accomplishments. This newsletter is emailed to parents, School Board Members, Staff Members, and Principals from other schools, and other organizations in San Bruno.

Decision-making is shared among the various components of the school. There are advisory groups that meet throughout the year. They include PTA general meetings, School Site Council, and English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) meetings. The first trimester of school, parents are expected to attend a parent-teacher conference to discuss educational, social, and emotional progress. Parents can read daily bulletins by the principal and teacher as well as see attendance records and academic progress (grades 4-5 only) though the district-wide web-based Parent Portal on Illuminate.

At the beginning of each year, parents receive many packets of information from the school and PTA. Each parent is given a Parent/Student Handbook with information about rules and procedure, behavior expectations, calendar of events for the year and other essential information. The PTA also sends out a packet of information and flyers to encourage parent involvement. Parents can volunteer for the school and/or PTA events by filling out a form and returning it to the school. There is a private Rollingwood PTA Facebook account where events and photos are available for viewing as well as a message board. At Back to School Night, teachers inform parents about the curricular areas taught throughout the year. Samples of assignments and State standards are distributed as well as homework tips for parental assistance. There is constant communication between home and school, through phone conversations, email, newsletters, and the Illuminate Parent Portal.

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How to get involved in your child’s education at Rollingwood

  1. Fill out the volunteer forms for the PTA and school. Forms are in the school’s office.
  2. Ask your child questions about what he/she learned in school that day. (“What did you learn in math today?” or “What stories are you reading in school?”)
  3. Check your child’s backpack daily for letters or flyers about upcoming events.
  4. Call the school or email the principal or teacher if you have any questions or concerns.
  5. Sign up to help at a class event like parties or field trips.
  6. Attend PTA general meetings to learn about school events
  7. Assist your child with homework assignments by creating a quiet environment to work.

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