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District Snapshot

Upcoming Events
  • All Thursdays will follow minimum day dismissal times, beginning with August 28th
  • March 10th Public Hearing on District Budget
  • March 11 - Governing Board meeting 7:00 PM Crestmoor School
  • March 13 - End of 2nd tri-mester (elementary schools)
  • March 16th - Special Board Meeting 7:00 PM District Office
  • March 16th 7:00 PM - LCAP parent/community forum John Muir School English Spanish
  • March 24th 8:30 AM - LCAP parent/community forum Belle Air School English Spanish
  • March 23, 24, 25 - Spring elementary parent-teacher conferencing (minimum day dismissal each day
  • March 27 - End of 3rd Quarter (Parkside - report cards sent April 10)
    beginning of spring holiday break (minimum day dismissal)
  • March 28th 8:00 AM - Special Board Meeting Agenda
  • March 30 through April 3 - Spring holiday break
  • April 6 - school resumes
  • May 8 - Staff Professional Development Day (No school for students)
  • May 25 - Memorial Day holiday
  • June 12 - Last day of school (minimum day dismissal) End of final reporting period (elementary and Parkside)
Recent Publications

Parca REACH Program

Before and After school programs and Summer Camp.

Reach Program



Champions Extended Learning

Before and After School, Kindergarten, Preschool, Breaks and Summer Camps.

Champions Learning


Bus Information

Students, 17 years and younger, pay $1.25 for each one-way trip. They also can purchase discount tokens or a discounted Monthly Pass. Those who want a Monthly Pass must apply for a Youth Clipper card, part of the regional fare system. (Some schools participate in a paper pass program for students in the free and reduced lunch program.)

Parents or guardians can download an application for a Clipper Youth card at and submit it via mail or bring it to the SamTrans office (1250 San Carlos Ave. in San Carlos).

The SamTrans website includes a wealth of information about youth using the system and the schools SamTrans serves: and For those without online access, the Customer Service Center is Ready to assist them at 1-800-660-4287

Summer Lunch Program

San Bruno Park School District Seamless Summer Lunch Program




California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress





Welcome to the San Bruno Park School District website. We appreciate your visit. As you will see there is a great deal of information so that you can be informed about what our district is all about.

You will find information about the Governance or decision making system of the District. Check out the latest School Board agenda or the minutes from the last meeting. Click on the link that takes you to each of the District’s Policies and Regulations for your reference.

Additionally, you will find information about each of our schools and the highly qualified staff that teach and support each child.

In our Human Resources section you will find what job openings the district has, how to apply for them, and what the standard of compensation is for staff.

Interested in knowing how to register a student for school? Then look at our Student Registration section. In this section you will find the forms needed to register a child for school, what the attendance areas are for each of our schools, and what forms are needed to apply for an IntraDistrict or InterDistrict Transfer.

Have a question about the schools’ calendar of attendance? OR what the starting times or ending times of a school are? Then visit our Calendar section and you will get answers to your questions.

Our Business section provides information about the District’s fiscal condition and the latest budget documents or plans for receiving monies into the district and plans for spending monies to support students’ successes.

Have an area that you do not see? Please let us know by Contacting Us.

Enjoy your visit. We are a District of “Proud Schools in a Proud Community.”


Public Notice Superintendent Search


Key Dates for
San Bruno Park School District Superintendent Search


Job Description


The San Bruno Park School District Board of Trustees has focused its search for a superintendent on a finalist to succeed superintendent Dr. David Hutt. The Board is in the process of working out details for the site validation visit and the terms of the contract. Following a positive site validation visitation, the Board will consider action at its April 15, 2015, regularly scheduled Board meeting to make an offer of employment. Additional information will be posted on the District website later this week.



As background, the labor contract between the District and its teachers expired on June 30, 2014. Representatives from both the District and the San Bruno Education Association (SBEA) have since been engaged in negotiations on a successor agreement. Bargaining actually commenced in January 2015 but quickly stalled given the distance between the parties’ respective proposals on matters including wages, benefits, class size, elementary teacher preparation time, and other working conditions. A state mediator was appointed in February in an effort to assist the parties in bridging their differences and ultimately to reach agreement. However, after three sessions of mediation, a mutually agreeable resolution has yet to be reached, with the positions of the parties remaining some distance apart. The central issue is disagreement about money. District teachers want a raise, but the harsh reality of the district budget is such that we have to cut.

The District remains hopeful that a mutually acceptable agreement can be reached in the best interests of the District’s students, parents, staff, and the community. We will therefore post updates and information on the district's webpage as developments in the process warrant.

San Bruno Education Foundation

Founded in 2005, the San Bruno Education Foundation (SBEF) is committed to helping children receive a great education. Our mission is to promote and support education in preschool through grade eight schools in San Bruno. The Foundation is a conduit providing resources to meet the educational needs of children in San Bruno schools. Our goal is to receive, raise, and distribute money for the improvements of San Bruno Schools.


AB1200 update

Notice of Public Hearing Instructional Materials

Public Hearing

Healthy Schools Initiative

Press Release

Student Health Insurance

The school district in conjunction with the Children’s Health Initiative, want to help every uninsured student obtain health insurance. The programs available can be free or low-cost for all children of low and middle-income families.


HCU Flier


HCU Flier Spanish


Eureka Math Pilot

This year as we continue to implement the CCSS for Mathematics on a comprehensive scale we are piloting the “Eureka Math” curriculum in all of our schools. This curriculum, which is aligned with the CCSS, focuses on fluency, application, and concept development. We know that parents are an instrumental part in supporting their children’s mathematical development. The following resources are available for you to use as a guide throughout the adoption of this new curriculum.

Please note that “Eureka Math” was contracted to create the “EngageNY” curriculum and so these materials are collaborative. Your support allows us to reach “Excellence Together.”

San Mateo County Flu Clinic Information